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Online ads updated daily Monday through Friday.

No more waiting until Tuesday for your ads to be seen by our readers. Ads are now updated at the closing of each day Monday through Friday.

People who place ads in The Carolina Trader

Did you know that anyone placing an ad with The Carolina Trader is required to provide their full name and a physical address for our records. This provides an extra layer of security for people seeking to purchase items or services advertised.


When using an Ipod Touch to view ads online

Recently when viewing ads with my Ipod Touch I noticed I had trouble going back and forth between sections when using Safari. It kept loging me out.  When I switched to the Google Application it worked fine.


Deadline change beginning October 25, 2010.

To make Tuesday's Edition:

E-mails and Faxes by Monday Noon

Phoned in Ads by Monday at 5pm

Display Ads by Wednesday 5pm


New: P.O. Box 585, Ballentine, SC 29002   

You can still use your old envelopes with P.O. Box 303, Irmo, SC, 29063 for now. But all new statements and return envelopes will have our new P.O. Box 585, Ballentine, SC, 29002 on them.


View The Carolina Trader in PDF format.

Now you can view The Carolina Trader in it's original paper format when you purchase an online subscription. We have made the entire paper, including display advertsing, available in PDF format. Of course you can still view the ads by category using the drop down menu with the live picture numbers. You get both options with your online subscription.


Getting unwanted calls?

Only customers and potential buyers have our permission to be calling you through your advertisement. If you are receiving unwanted calls from telemarketers, consider registering with the "National Do Not Call Registry". Registration is free and a link for filing a complaint is provided on their site:


Picture Option Available Now!

Now you can include a picture when submitting your ad online. See the "View a Picture" link for details.