Carolina Trader Picture Policy

"When you place your ad through our website,, you may include one picture.

When published your ad will include a ten digit picture number at the end of your ad. Paper readers can use that picture number to locate your photo for free at our website by going to the “View a Picture” option and typing in the ten digit picture number.

Pay When You Sell Advertisers will not be charged extra for this service.

Pre-Paid Advertisers will add an additional 15 characters to their ad size to cover the space for the picture number. This will result in an additional charge for those characters when ad space exceeds five lines. Each pre-paid ad cannot exceed fifteen lines and can only include one picture.

Picture policy:

You may include one photo that will appear online. Your ad will include a picture number when published. Online viewers will be able to view while browsing. Paper readers can use that picture number to locate your photo at our website at no extra charge. Do not include images of people in your photo or it will not be used. We reserve the right to decline any picture for any reason. The submitted image will become the property of The Carolina Trader.
The picture is an "extra" service that we provide. Your fees and payments for advertising are due according to our policy regardless of the quality of your picture or even if the picture is not published."